It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

So the past few days have been good… I mean, better. I took Zariah to her first live show (In The Night Garden) , was out and about in the sun, and didn’t spend too much time dwelling on the physiotherapists comments. Just a better weekend in general. Plus Zariah is crazy smiley, so you don’t really get much time to be sad.

I take my comments from my last post back though, about my mum. Turns out she’s amazing (God knows why I sound surprised). I told her about the results of Zariah’s GMFM assessment (the test therapists do to predict whether children will be able to walk independently), and we had a good old cry but we talked it out. She gave me great advice, and to be honest, it just felt nice to open up. Obviously, it’s a major deal and sometimes I still get teary about it, but the brain isn’t an exact science, so I’ve still got hope. I could NEVER give up on my daughter anyways, like eww, what even is that? If I haven’t got her who will?

Anyways, onto less depressing topics. I took Zariah to Hackney Empire today. Zariah enjoyed it, screaming at all the characters and what not, but legit there are some really nasty intolerable parents in this world. We’ve all paid for our seats, but we had a spare seat because Zariah can’t sit down on her own so she just sits on my lap. I kept Zariah’s bag and the souvenirs and stuff on the spare seat, and the seats next to that were occupied by another family. Zariah was excited, as you are when there’s a life sized Iggle Piggle jumping around the stage in front of you, and the place was full of excited babies and toddlers, so as you can imagine, it was a little noisy in there. Zariah screamed with excitement when the intro song came on, and she dropped her cup on the floor (her EMPTY cup). Next thing you know, this stubby little impatient man literally picks up his child in a huff, mumbles some nonsense under his breath and storms off! What the hell? Everyone was just looking around at him making a scene, whilst he literally dragged his toddler to go and stand elsewhere, where they remained standing for the duration of the whole show. I mean it doesn’t exactly hurt me, cos Lord knows I’m too big and lazy to be carrying Zariah standing up for an hour, but why so extra? Why make a scene? That’s not even a disability thing, just about having a little patience in general? The place is full of happy kids, if that makes you so angry there are other places you could be. Wanna be miserable? Go watch an Arsenal game or something, don’t bring that energy here. Butttttt, nevertheless, Zariah had an amazing time and it was really nice to get out in the sun.

Anyways, this late night thing needs to disappear because when Zariah wakes up bright and early at 7 something tomorrow, I’m going to feel like death. I just thought to continue the writing because it honestly made me feel much better after the other day, and I also didn’t want to portray parenting my beautiful girl as a constant struggle. She’s the most playful, happy girl and honestly being around her is a joy, but it is a lot, for anyone, and nobody tells you how low the lows can be sometimes. Anyways, onto better things, Zariah’s here for a purpose, and this is all part of God’s plan. We’ve got appointments every single day of the week this week so praying for a more productive week than the last.

Have a prosperous week guys.

P.S. Also, if anyone with (or without) kids, knows of any events or activities in and around London for toddlers and babies, give us a shout. Really trying to get out with Zariah more. Got into the habit of hiding away indoors, but don’t want to isolate my girl from the rest of the world just because she’s not able to do everything that other kids can. Sooo yeah, hit me up! Love xxx

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